Is it true, Linda?

Linda Riordan MP for Halifax.
Linda Riordan MP for Halifax.
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Linda, is it true what I hear and read about your venture into property acquisition?

I have thought well of you since you supported me when I joined in the Pensions for Ghurkhas campaign organised by Joanna Lumley during the last Parliament. You stood out from your fellow party members and supported a truly just course and even gave me your London telephone number if I further needed to contact you. As far as I know you were not involved in the MPs’ expenses scandal/fraud so I was happy that the good name of Halifax had not been linked to such greedy activities. I hear that you own a property in Halifax, own a mortgaged flat in London, rent that out to fellow MP who reclaims the rent from the public purse and you rent a third property whilst in London also reclaiming your rent from the public purse. No laws I am told have been broken however can I offer a suggestion to keep the voters of Halifax on your side? Give notice on your fellow MP to leave your London flat. Give notice on the flat we the public pay for. Move back into your own flat thereby saving the working taxpayers a good amount of money. Pay the mortgage of your flat (is it correct it is valued at £400,000?) out of the £63,000 plus expenses income you receive from the public. We all have to share the burden of austerity measures forced upon us and are told “we are all in this together”. It does look like some more than others maybe? I still think you are ok and do your best for the people of Halifax but the country has little enough cash and the country does not need any more second home scandals.

Clive Brook

Willowfield Drive