It is vital to keep the town as attractive as possible

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Of late and more particularly during the present inclement weather, I am noticing there are a number of black-top replacements for removed artificial setts in the centre of Halifax.

I am hopeful that the removed setts are in storage ready for replacement when the better weather arrives, otherwise, the town centre will be spoiled.
I realise we are told we are in straitened times but what is still a problem affecting small areas may become much more widespread if it is not “kept on top of”.
If it is genuinely uneconomical to replace the setts, it may be better to have larger areas of reclaimed setts and separate areas of the cheaper black topping in some form of pattern. Halifax is too good a town to spoil with a patchwork of bits of black top and bits of undesigned setted areas. Two other sites still worthy of attention are the removal of old tree stumps at the front of Bull Green House and the replacement of some sheltered seating. In these times it is important to make Halifax as attractive as possible, because it is still a uniquely attractive town.

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road,