It’s entertainment for men to dress up

I have just read with much amazement and an amount of disgust, the article about Rose White who has called for drag queens to be banned from performing at Pride. Ms White also states that if drag queens are allowed to perform, they must wear a sign to say they are homosexual men and not transexuals. This would be a breach of human rights like (although to a much greater extent) Adolf Hitler making all people of Jewish descent wear stars on their clothing!

I do have a word or two to say about this. The fact that a man dresses as a woman for the purposes of entertainment, usually exaggerating features such as make-up and eyelashes, does not make them a transexual and also not necessarily a homosexual.

Although most drag queens are gay men, a number are heterosexuals and some even transgender. I have performed as a drag queen for a few years now and have never at any time in my life felt the need to become a woman.

I have a number of friends who are transgendered/transexual and so I can understand, through observation, the pain and suffering people go through who genuinely believe they have been born in the wrong body.

I am sure this is exactly how Ms White felt and therefore I applaud her for having the courage to go through the long process of a sex-change, however I very much disagree with her words.

Female impersonation is a different kettle of fish, this is people attempting to actually pass for women. Again I do not think this is in any way trying to belittle transgendered people.

A quote I found on wikipedia says :”Drag queen” usually connotes cross-dressing for the purposes of entertainment or performance without necessarily aiming to pass as female.

There has always been an on-going argument between transgendered people and drag queens as to whether we (drag queens) portray all men in dresses as homosexuals or drag queens. I disagree and know that, as I mentioned above, some people really do need the operation to correct what they believe was wrong when they were born i.e their sex. I find Ms White’s comments to be somewhat bigoted and out of line.

Drag queens are generally a part of the ‘gay community’ where Ms White’s belief that members of the audience think any bloke in a frock is a homosexual, would probably be true!

I have seen a fair few stag parties where the men have been wearing frocks for the purposes of entertainment and fun, and I don’t think very many of them were gay!

Ms White’s comments are unfounded as she herself is not, as she so nicely puts it, ‘a bloke in a frock’, having had the full operation she is in fact a woman! Mr R Hudson, The Honest Lawyer,

Halifax Road, Ripponden