It’s time the town sorted out this litter problem


I have put off writing this letter for some considerable time but the problem gets worse the longer I leave it.
I’m referring to the subject of litter. At this moment Halifax must be the town with the most litter on its streets in Yorkshire.
I have got to the stage where I’ve had to give up driving my car because of the increasing cost of insurance etc. Apart from using public transport wherever possible, it means I have to do a lot more walking than I used to. And so I see the full reality of the state of our roads and streets.
In the Pye Nest area in which I live it is not as bad as some but I find myself picking up tins and bottles that other people fail to put in their bins.
I have sent a letter to my local councillor giving my views and I hope that he will bring up the subject at his next meeting and get them to do something about it.
I think we should have more bins around the major streets.
I hope the majority of the Halifax public feel the same way as I do.

Mr E. Smith

Pye Nest Rise