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Come on you bankers, where’s the money? Since the days of the winter of discontent and the American Wall Street crash, history shows that these past events were caused by those running the country.

Here in this country last year’s most outrageous moment had to be the economic crisis, it left just about everybody reeling and asking banks, “what have you done with the money?”.

The government select committee treated top dogs of the banking business with kid gloves and decided to throw the mess back on to the public to clear up. To add salt to the wound, Gideon Osborne now tells us we should leave the banks alone and forget about it. Well, excuse me, Gideon with your multi-millions sat nicely in your bank and a salary an average of ten times more than the rest of the country gets paid, to look after our interests too. I am no mathematician but surely what has been borrowed has always been paid bank on high interest, as it’s always been since banks were first invented. Until there is a full investigation, I suggest truly independent by the fraud squad, people in this country will feel angry and let down.

Being a sceptic myself it is possible that our own bankers had been investing our money with the likes of Madoff and six others like him who took America to its knees around the same time? While the cheeky Tories are now having a field day bleeding everybody dry, meanwhile Labour MPs up and down the country are wallowing in public anger against Tory cuts.

Our own MP is hard at it, from save the Library, save the Police Station, save Local Service jobs and student loans. The list goes on and on, you name it, she’s there for the photoshoot.

But where were they all ten years previous, when the same thing was going on under Labour’s watch? These people must think that the public has the memory of a goldfish. If these politicians were paid on results of fighting for fairness on behalf of the people they wouldn’t earn enough to buy a pair of shoe laces let alone a house.

After some 60 years of non-improvement and total incompetence from both these two leading parties it’s time we woke up.

Apart from the Jarrow march and Poll Tax riots there will be no real revolt here. But surely, isn’t it time the penny did drop for voters to get rid of these self-serving lame ducks.

It’s time for far more independents to step forward, we need a clean sweep from them all, nationally and locally.

H Terry