Lack of parking is big issue in town

Myrtle Drive



Once again our councillors have helped cause the demise of yet another long-standing business.

Neaverson’s of Russell Street closes its doors for the final time at the end of June. Parking is a big issue (or lack of parking). That end of town has too many loading bays which could be used as parking bays, parking could be cheaper. But what meters take subsides the ‘pay and displays’ that are unused due to charges being extortionate ie, Dean Clough, South Parade.

But, back to Neaverson’s; on a five year lease (no doubt will cost an arm and a leg), give the lease for a nominal charge if not for free. An occupied shop generates rent and rates and keeps people off the ever growing dole queue.

I’ve shopped at Neaverson’s for a number of years and have always had excellent service.

It is one of very few shops that you choose your gift and can call back after your shopping is done and it is gift-wrapped for you.

Let’s hope Council/Parking etc get together and sort Halifax out before the demise of more of our well established shops close and stop Halifax becoming the ghost town it is heading for.

Good Luck Charles Ratcliffe and staff, you will be missed.

Steve Webster