Left has no loyalty to the Royal Family

I was disappointed, though not surprised, to hear that several thousand people are expected to openly protest during the wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton at the end of this month.

It’s another example of the hatred and disdain the disciples of the Hard Left hold for the institutions of our country.

These are people who would never dream of going to peacefully protest against the brutal killing of a serving constable in Northern Ireland or the ideology behind those who perpetrated the 7-7 bombings. To consider showing their lawful opposition to those who preach hatred and religious separatism would be seen as deserting the cause. If anything, the Hard Left sympathise with those elements who seek to undermine the UK at every opportunity. They are, after all, cut from the same cloth.

For the Left in particular, our country is seen as nothing more than a limitless cash cow for the furtherance of bloated public services and benefits. For people like myself, patriotism is wedded to what this country has achieved historically and contemporarily.

For many on the Left, patriotism is strictly limited to a contractarianism wholly based on what the British State can provide in terms of fiscal supplement and/or public services. For this reason, most on the extreme Left hold no loyalty to our Royal Family, our flag, and our traditions.

Loathing the cultural and institutional pillars of our country is one aspect; loathing those who create wealth is another.

That is why trade unions and the Left were so silent when Gordon Brown was busily decimating private pensions in order to fuel public sector expenditure, yet are so vociferous in their opposition to any reduction in the size of that same non-wealth creating shibboleth. That is also why our MP, who we must never forget was elected thanks to the postal votes from the citizens of West Central Halifax, is so proud to be associated with the likes of UK Uncut.

Not only was she content to be a member of a party that left this country effectively bankrupt (as departing Labour governments usually do), but is now flying in the face of economic logic by showing solidarity with those who do not believe that ANY cuts are necessary.

As the Labour Party slowly morphs into a symbol of early 80s socialism reborn, the electorate should once again look at that party in its entirety - economic denial, class warfare, multicultural enunciation and all. Andrew McCann

Cousin Lane