Let’s have more islands and more traffic calming

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Regarding the letter to the Courier “Who will pick up the pieces?” (Your say, July 21).

I have lived all my life in Sowerby Bridge in the Triangle area, where my elderly mother still lives and still struggles to cross the road by the Long Chimney where the ‘islands’ are.

It is not before time that the powers that be thought about people having to cross this very busy road from one side to the other.

Perhaps a lowering of the speed from 40 to 30 should help, or also speed cameras.

This stretch of road is not called the mad mile for nothing and as for hardly being able to get a land rover either side of the island, lorries and buses have no difficulties.

Perhaps it’s time for a smaller vehicle Mr Malcolm, or try being a pedestrian and cross this busy road at peak and try to avoid the idiots driving at speed well in excess of the limit.

More islands, more calming measures, cameras etc. Let’s have them.

Mr E Phelps

West Street

Sowerby Bridge