Let us have a new pool for Elland

Regarding Elland Pool, I like many others would agree with J R Kerridge on why not replace the roof. Ok the building was over 100 years old, but inside still not in bad shape.

The locker doors had just been mended and the hair dryer in the ladies.

So we thought it might stay open a while longer and at least have let the staff say goodbye to old friends. and let the lake challenge finish. It is definitely not the same finishing at the other pools.

The winds were bad but they had been all week, so as usual just an excuse by certain members of the council to close the pool sooner, Garry was in his element, and sadly the pool was stripped straight away.

Halifax pool, years younger than Elland, has reached the end of its life time, I am given to understand, and quite shabby looking, so how long before they decide to close that,

Once again why when the |North Bridge Leisure centre was built was a pool not put in there.

So much money spent on other things, by the council, how much has gone into the Shay, and that’s still not right, so money from next year’s budget going into that.

Instead of thinking new supermarket in Elland, which it does not need, let’s have new pool for the people of Elland and surrounding local areas.

J Hallos

Prospect Place

Sowerby Bridge