Letter: Make hospital parking fairer

Should the charges at Calderdale Royal be fairer for visitors?
Should the charges at Calderdale Royal be fairer for visitors?
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After visiting Calderdale Royal a few times over the past few months, both as a patient and a Calderdale Community driver, I have some comments, observations, complaints and suggestions regarding - would you believe - parking.

On my first visit, I went to the parking ticket machine to find the minimum charge to be £2.80. As I only had £2, £1 and 50p coins, I had to pay £3 as no change is given. That’s a seven per cent overcharge.

On my second visit, I paid the minimum charge of £2.80 (I brought change this time). I had a blood test and was back to my car in half an hour. As I had paid for the minimum time of two hours, it cost me nearly £3 for half an hour parking.

On my third visit, I was taking a patient to see a doctor for a medical examination. I paid the £2.80 for two hours parking and took the patient into the hospital. After nearly twp hours, the patient was still being examined so I went out to buy another ticket.

The patient then came out 10 minutes later. I calculate that I paid nearly £6 to park for just over two hours.

Could I suggest amending the charges as follows:-

Up to 30 minutes - 50p.

Up to 1 hour - £1.

Up to 2 hours - £2.

Up to 3 hours - £3.

Up to 6 hours - £5.

Up to 24 hours - £7.

This will make it fair to both short and long stay visitors.

Dave Brown, by email