Literacy figures no surprise

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Reading the reports in the media of the OECD’s findings that our 16 to 24 year olds are lagging behind the entire developed world in literacy and numeracy is depressing, but not surprising.

It is now obvious that the last Labour government and their socialist friends in the educational establishment, manipulated the system to mislead the public about a fake continuous rise in educational standards. By deliberately allowing grade inflation to enable ever increasing numbers to attain higher grades at GCSE and A levels. This disgraceful act has left a generation without the basic skills needed to get on in an ever demanding world. 
Michael Gove needs commending for literally throwing the education system to the wolves and taking on the teaching unions and special interests. 
These groups have, and demonstrated recently by the teachers’ strike, oppose the much needed changes to the education system. Being against changes to the Ofsted framework, and the expansion of the academy and free school system. A system that is still opposed by the local Labour and Liberal groups.
Finally, Michael Gove’s fight to change our education system is as significant to the future prospects of our country as when Mrs Thatcher took on Red Robbo and the union barons . Considering these findings, Ed Miliband’s recent lurch to the left must now send shivers down the spine of any parent who is concerned about what the future holds in regards to the education of their children.

Andrew Tagg

 Halifax Conservatives