Lots of passion despite result

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Longfellow Court


I’d like to thank everyone involved in Calderdale Yes to Fairer Votes campaign. Many volunteers from different political parties gave up their valuable time to campaign for what they believed was a more democratic system. Despite what we consider a disappointing referendum result, it was heartening to meet so many other people who cared passionately about democracy. In particular it was a pleasure to meet a student from Calder High who gave up their time to join our campaign. It gives me some hope that there are young people out there who get excited by democracy.

In Calderdale we had two live debates organized by Churches Together, Faithworks and the Charities Parliament. These organisations have my gratitude for giving people the opportunity to participate in this national debate. Now that the referendum is over I’m sure many of the good people involved in the campaign will be looking forward to focusing their time and energies on other important issues.

Councillor James Baker

Calderdale Yes to Fairer Votes organiser