Low-speed zones save lives

Linden Rd Hebden Bridge

I am writing in support of the campaign to introduce a 20mph zone in Triangle ("Cut speed in our village", Courier August 7).

The Green Party is at the forefront of the move to introduce more 20mph areas. Green councillors in Norwich, Leicester, Brighton and others have worked very hard, and successfully, for a reduction in speed limits.

Here in Hebden Bridge, I was one of the many pedestrians and cyclists who greeted our new 20mph zone with open arms when it was introduced.

The Department for Transport has found that 20mph zones save an estimated 60 lives a year, and that accidents involving children are significantly reduced. If that isn't reason enough (and surely it is?) they encourage us all to walk and cycle more, and they are usually popular!

Triangle is a good candidate for a 20mph zone, sitting as it does on both sides of a busy road. Don't let's wait for something awful to happen – let's do it now.

Twenty is plenty!

Kate Sweeny

Green Party Parliamentary candidate, Calder Valley