Mailbag: Change the route of the jet stream

Hadron Collider at Cern, possibly the most complicated machine on Earth - but let's just put it in reverse to solve our jet-stream related weather issues!
Hadron Collider at Cern, possibly the most complicated machine on Earth - but let's just put it in reverse to solve our jet-stream related weather issues!
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Apparently this awful weather we are experiencing is due to the flow of the Jet Stream being stuck in a route passing South of the British Isles whereas it would normally vary between north and south giving us variable weather patterns.

It appears that the meteorologists do not know the reason why it is stuck. It has occurred to me that if those boffins working in the Large Hadron Collider, having (they think) found the “missing-link” (Higgs boson) can do such fantastic things with that equally fantastic machine perhaps they should divert their attention to solving the Jet Stream problem and even change its route!
I have read that the Jet Stream’s direction is governed by the spin of the earth (right up the scientists’ street, I would have thought). Perhaps they could put the Collider in reverse? - does that suggestion make it so obvious that I’m no scientist?

Harry Thompson

Willow Drive,

Burnley Road.


Why pay such huge salaries?

I was appalled to read that Calderdale Council has appointed a new Chief Executive, Merran McRae, at a salary “around £170,000”, and that the previous holder of that post drew £146,000, plus £22,000 “for pension” (Courier, July 6). Also that the number of staff on £50,000pa upwards increased from 59 to 71, with four on “six figures”. All this at a time of “budgeting for cuts”! Can you please investigate how these fat-cat salaries were arrived at and approved, thank you. We are in no position to condemn the outrageous trouserings by delinquent bankers whilst our own behaviour displays the same disgraceful gulf between rich and poor, and the consumerist greed that flies in the face of the wonderful co-operation called forth by our local flood-disasters. Why did Calderdale’s officers and paid councillors exclude their own cash bonanza from their “budgeting for cuts”? It is high time for the recent change of control to be reflected in an improved public morality.

Frank McManus

Longfield Road


All children centres will stay open

Your report last week may have given some people a misleading impression that there are plans to close some local Children’s Centres. This is completely incorrect; both Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors have made it clear since 2010 that we want to keep all of the existing Children’s Centres open. At the moment, about half of the Children’s Centres in Calderdale are operated by social enterprises; the remainder are run by the Council directly in partnership with the schools. Under the Government’s localism bill, we have to retender these centres. At the same time, other organisations would have the right to demand that those centres presently run directly by the Council should also be put out to tender. Rather than risk a piece meal approach, we have therefore decided that the best way forward is to tender all of the centres. The Cabinet decision on Monday starts that process. Children’s centres provide a range of integrated support for families with young children. Child care places are only one part of this. Not all existing children’s centres offer child care, and where they do, we have to be sure that it’s good value for money and does not simply duplicate places already offered by other private and voluntary sector. That’s why we are going to review these places later in the year – but to emphasise again, this is one part and only one part of what children’s centres provide.

Cllr Megan Swift

Lead Member, Children and Young People’s Services

Calderdale MBC

They have taken our money

With reference to the current troubles in the banking sector, I understand that if we ordinary people fail to pay our proper dues to the bank, they can re-possess our house or send the bailiffes in to collect the lender’s property. As I understand it, the banks have mis-appropiated the people’s money, just as the last lot of politicians mis-appropiated other people’s pension funds. Is there anyone out there who has the power or the will to right these wrongs, or will it be again, as usual, the poor will bankroll the highly paid parasites at the top?

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road,



Wake up, Cameron and lead

As the Brussels gravy train continues to roll on out of control is it any wonder that most citizens in the UK want us well and truly out of it. More news that one part of the unelected state (the European Court of Justice) has given the green light to another highly paid commission of employees and retirees to avoid paying national tax rates. Britain’s own membership costing the tax payer over £50mils a day is evidence that it is designed to both enrich and empower a tiny political elite at the expense of ordinary tax payers. While all this is going on David Cameron continues to deny a referendum on our EU membership. The discontent in his party continues to grow day by day and Boy George’s last budget shows just how much both he and Cameron are out of touch with the ordinary people. When Cameron came to power it began with the Conservatives ahead in the polls over one of the worst Labour governments on record and Cameron’s ratings were above Miliband’s. Labour is now 10 points ahead in the polls and red head himself is becoming more popular day by day. Cameron appears almost wilfully to be throwing away any chance of his and his party’s future of winning the next election. In fact I would go as far as to say that Call me Dave will be on his way come 2015. UKIP led admirably by Nigel Farage are growing more popular and Cameron would do well to heed this as more discontented Tory voters switch to UKIP who currently stand at 8% in the polls. So as our Dave continues to dither, he is reminded that he did not secure a majority at the last election despite Labour’s appalling record led by the worst Prime Minister they ever had. Cameron’s chances at the next election are looking slimmer by the minute so wake up David and start acting like a proper Tory leader not some form of Cleggite otherwise like him, the writing is on the wall and both of you will be remembered as the two lightweights who led both their party’s to disaster.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

People were taking drugs in public

I do not usually write to news papers but after visiting the Piece Hall last week I have to voice my concerns to somebody. On walking through the entrance I was hit by the smell of drugs and was amazed to see people openly smoking and preparing drugs with not a care or a worry in the world. This was happening while parents walked around with small children I did not see any piece hall staff challenge the drug smokers one member of staff was emptying a bin right next to a couple preparing to smoke drugs and just turned a blind eye.
I always remember the piece Hall as being a hive of activity but I was amazed at the number of empty shops I got talking to one shop owner who was about to move out and was told that it has been going down hill for a while and has become a haven for drug users and drinkers alike. I asked if he had made his concerns known to the Piece Hall staff his answer was yes but nothing ever gets done. I feel that something needs to be done to sort the problem sooner rather than later before it gets totally out of hand

Mr Nuttall

Takeaway alley at Ward’s End

Areas of our traditional town are becoming streets of takeaways with no other facilities available for local people. Wards End is getting like this and I see that Pizza Hut are proposing to locate there and are seeking to be open until 1 am some nights.
 All these units are harmful to the environment – smells, noise, traffic problems and illegal parking all emanate from them. Anti social behaviour focuses on them.
Health bodies are concerned about the effects that the food they provide is having on the population and yet we are seeing more and more locate in to Halifax. Its not long ago Pizza Hut shut their shop on Southgate (a few hundred yards from this site) as it wasn’t busy. How long will it be before they decide the same thing again? Why do we really need two Pizza Huts in the same town (again!). Parking is already a nightmare in Wards End, so why can’t they operate from their unit in Charlestown Road which has its own parking? The Theatre Royal site looks at last to becoming a hotel with, restaurant, meeting rooms, gym and other facilities, a move which I welcome and look forward to but it will be located in an area where the only other activity will be hot food shops.
The Theatre Royal site is a valuable asset in this part of the town – with its historic connections and hopefully glorious future. It needs to be supported by shops and restaurants around it and not be located in an alley of A5 uses with no other facilities to meet the need of business travellers and visitors. Please planners, see sense and tell Pizza Hut to go away.

Mr D Harris

Mt Tabor Road