Make drivers feel vulnerable

My thoughts in addition to the letter, ‘Watch out for the motorcyclists’, (Your say, August 4).

1. All passengers should wear full seat belts.

2. They should be surrounded by air bags.

3. They should wear motor cycle or cyclists crash hats.

4 . The driver should not have a seat belt, should not have air bags or wear a crash hat.

Any responsible driver should now feel very vulnerable and a sane driver would slow down.

Drivers should take a crash simulation test to give them an idea of how it will feel.

All crashed vehicles should be scrapped. All drivers causing death should never drive again and pay a very severe penalty, i.e bring back hanging for murder.

Before applying for a driving licence people should ride a bike or moped for three years with a club, as long as physically capable.

More speed cameras should be installed without warning signs, and more 30 mph signs in 30mph areas.

Wray Simcock

Name and address supplied