Minster does not need loads of money spent on it

WHOOPEE, those lucky, lucky people at the Halifax Parish Church are to spend £1.5 million on non-essentials and tarting up a place that doesn’t need it. They want to turn it from a house of God into a profit-making organisation by riding on the back of the tourist industry.

The Vicar of Halifax says that he received very favourable reviews from all over the country about his Pentecost service which will add to the footfall of tourists there.

Anyway, back to the money.

What a wonderful time to declare this to the town in particular and the nation as a whole. A famine of biblical proportions has just been announced in the horn of Africa covering Somalia and parts of Kenya and Ethiopia.

They estimate that unless aid is made available at very short notice, hundreds of thousands of the population will die, maybe reaching into the millions.

Yes here we go again, the Parish Church wants to spend £1.5 million on a building. This from a church that has been bleating on for years that they’re broke and can’t pay their way.

If they can lay their hands on this kind of cash, maybe they could get the same amount of cash and send it to the disaster fund to help keep these poor people alive.

Better still, in a true act of Christian charity, maybe they could forgo the tarting up and non-essential alterations and send the £1.5 million to the aid.

However I won’t hold my breath as I doubt whether the church will part with that kind of cash as I also doubt that their version of Christian charity goes that far.

A. P. Bottomley

Backhold Drive, Halifax