Motorcyclists need to take safety seriously

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Re John Shoesmith letter of Thursday August 4 regarding motorcycle safety.

If he sincerely believes that car drivers are out to murder him, he should not be telling his sorry tale to the Courier and be better off having a word with ‘hopefully’ a proper copper at Halifax Police Station. Asserting that car drivers would be better drivers if they were bikers as well is a thought that I highly agree with, but to write to your MP making it compulsory to ride a bike for 2 years before getting behind the wheel of a car is an act of lunacy.

Consider just one aspect of this, who is going to pay for the bikes?

If you feel a letter to your MP is a must, can I suggest the following thought for legislation, EVERYBODY has to re-take a driving test every 10 years.

This would create better drivers/riders, eliminate bad habits, update latest Highway Code, create many jobs (driving instructors) and perhaps more crucially be the single-most improvement to Road Safety EVER.

Can I further say the Mr Shoesmith undertakes some form of Advanced Motorbike Training, Institiute of Advanced Motorcyclists, ROSPA etc, so he does not put himself in the situations where he feels that car drivers are out to kill him. It also raises questions as to whether he actively taking steps to avoid such situations, ie riding with lights on, wearing hi-viz clothing and a light coloured helmet etc, see Highway Code.

Interestingly, according to recent Government figures, accidents involving cars etc have been roughly static over the last few years, but accidents involving motorcyclists is showing a significant downturn, perhaps the aforementioned killer car drivers were out to reverse that trend.

Dave Crowther

Overdale Mount, Sowerby Bridge