NHS is being dismantled

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The Newlands


This government claims that in restructuring the health service there will no loss to clinical jobs and yet, as a registered healthcare professional, I know of several theatre nurses and ODPs in West Yorkshire having to sign on as unemployed for the first time in their professional lives.

Surgical waiting lists are prolonged because of the reduction in the clinical services, so either this government is ignorant of what is happening in the National Health Service of it is guilty of public deception.

This government should know that in order for the British public to ‘pull together’ and support the British economy they need jobs, so that they can pay taxes, and no matter how much they cut public benefits to the unemployed and poorer families they cannot force people into jobs that do not exist. I question the morality of not the legality of Barclays bank who after declaring billions of pounds in their net profits last year can justify paying less than 1 per cent tax on their profits!

I would like this government to justify spending £6billion in foreign aid this year while it continues to slash public services, reducing the health, safety and quality of life, to the British people who voted and employ them until the next general election.

This Prime Minister has much in common with Tony Blair, he has so quickly forgotten that the position he holds is a temporary post and comes with a degree of accountability. Where Blair will be remembered as the PM that took our nation into two wars and formed an alliance with Gadaffi, PM David Cameron will be remembered for what he did to the taxpayers, the poor and to our NHS.

Sandy Mitchell