Nights Reynard came to call...

Small Lees Road, Ripponden WE are forever reading letters in Your say about cruelty to foxes – nothing about the cruelty of foxes to other animals.

The anti-hunters get the Gov-ernment to ban fox hunting – the same Government that sends our lads out to kill or be killed; the same Government that allows serious criminal prisoners out early to commit new crimes.

I put it to the anti-hunting brigade: how would you like to be a hen or chicken in a hut with 15 or more members of your family and have a visit from your friend, Reynard, who bites off all their heads, including yours? Would you have a different opinion?

I as a seven-year-old, along with my family had a visit from Reynard who, without any, mercy, bit off the heads of six of our prize show rabbits.

The following evening he came again and did the same with 15 of our hens. Two weeks later he did some lambs and a gaggle of geese the same way.

He doesn't take just one to satisfy his hunger; he kills the lot.

Farmers have a difficult time making a living; why cannot they protect their stock?

D V Riley