No more big name shops in Halifax!

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Clough Place


I have just read the article on the “£35m Broad Street Plaza” and your question “Are you looking forward to…” and “…should more big name stores come to town?”

No, I’m not and, nor should they.

Thanks to the closing of Broad Street car park there is a dearth of parking within Halifax day or evening so, yes please to the car park being re-installed and yes to the cinema.

No to the bowling alley, bingo hall, Weatherspoons and council offices as we already have all of these. They are admirably situated and all fit for purpose and well used.

No to ‘more big name stores/shops’. We must capitalise on what we do best and what we already are famous for: the indoor market, Piece Hall, Woolshops and all that remains, so far, if our non-vandalised architecture.

People who shop in ‘big name’ stores do not go to Leeds or Manchester city centres; they go to the White Rose or Trafford Centre. They only shop in that actual ‘store’ they do not then go to the local small shop or markets, they would not bring trade into the town centre itself.

I do not know a single person who has ever been in favour of this expensive project. And it’s costing how much?


S Galloway