Northgate: another white elephant?

Sun Way


It is obvious from Ian Gray’s article in today’s Courier (29 January) that the writing is on the wall for Northgate. Just to accommodate a store selling cheap goods.

Then the council offices, library and archives will have to be sacrificed.

The Northgate offices are of reasonably recent construction so if they are ‘not fit for purpose’ who is at fault except the Council Officers, Planning Department and Councillors who allowed the building that would not last for a goodly length of time.

The Northgate offices and the Library and Archives are ideally placed for all those who need to access these buildings and services.

It does not make sense to move them to another location.

Why couldn’t Primark or another company needing large premises purchase the unused land at the end of Mulcture Hall Road (where the Gas Board used to be) and develop this site.

The case will be made for redevelopment as the Council can justify any decision regardless of consultation results, protests etc.

Northgate will then be another white elephant as Broad Street will be, but who cares - the Council certainly doesn’t.

Sandra Marshall