Not so fast on young guns

Your article refering to the granting of shotgun licences to young people was extremely well balanced.

The headline, however - 'Kids of 14 are told; you can have a shotgun', and your invitation to the general public to air their opinions on the matter, are less well judged, since they both clearly imply there is some controversy here. What controversy, exactly?

A few young people, in all probability sons of farmers, or youngsters wishing to pursue their interest in shooting clubs, under supervision by an adult, are granted a licence to operate legally.

Are we not forever being told it is the lack of something to do which leads to bad behaviour in the young?

Of course, I don't expect to be in the majority here, having noted the lemming like rush of many of our fellow citizens to condemn, and wish to ban, activities in which they have no personal interest, and even less knowledge.

I expect some concerned residents of Calderdale to be up in arms (excuse the pun) at the image of 14 year olds waving shotguns in the local 'Rec'.

Beware such 'knee jerk' reactions, since it may be your interest that is under threat from the ignorant next time.

And no, I don't hold a licence myself.

Alan Brooks

(Birstall, but working in Elland)