Not the job of council to make profit


When building societies contemplated changing to banks, investors were given the right to vote on the decision.

In many other business issues shareholders are given a say. The people who provided money to improve The Shay over many years were the directors, the supporters of the football club, ratepayers and taxpayers (Rate Support Grant).
Some present-day councillors seem to imagine they are entrepreneurs there to make a profit on assets accumulated by past councillors who did the job in an honorary role, some actually gave money to the town, Charlie Holdsworth providing trees for Beacon Hill, P N Whiteley, I was a member of his ‘Lads’ Club’ in Great Albion Street before the war. Do latter-day councillors realise people pay their Council Tax for the council to provide services and that includes recreational services, they are not there to make money on sell-offs which will fill the pot marked “Councillors’ Expenses”.

W Wood

St Ives Court