Not working for majority!

I know our beloved Prime Minister David Cameron continually likes to tell us ‘that we are all in this together’ but during the latest few days he has failed to stand up for the interests of Joe Public and instead appears to do favours for the rich and powerful or to be more blunt his Cameron Chipping Norton set which happens to include the Murdoch Clan.

Is it any wonder his own back benchers are claiming that he, Boy George and his other posh chums don’t even know the present day price of a pint of milk and other normal commodities while millions are being told that they will have to work well into their seventies if they do not want to face poverty.

Our MPs still don’t get it as they continue to milk the Parliament gravy train at the tax-payers’ expense and as a Tory voter who has castigated Teflon Tony for his war in Iraq and Gordon Brown and his chief advisor Ed Balls in the wrecking of our economy by selling off our assets and gold at rock bottom prices coupled with their dodgy dealings with cash for honours.

However, dodgy Dave is beginning to look no better after his U turns, dodgy appointments of Andy Coulson against advice, Chris Huhne, Francis Maude (fuel crisis), Liam Fox (Adam Werrity), Theresa May (What day is it?). Boy George’s biggest cock-up is the Tory budget which has created a country with no growth and put us back in recession.

Finally we learn of the latest revelations which are Jeremy Hunt’s dealings with the Murdoch’s, the list goes on and now Ed Milliband is starting to look like a safer bet (God help us).

Cameron’s ‘we are all in this together’ speech is beginning to wear a little thin and unless he really starts trying to understand what real people in a real world are all about then I am afraid that he and his posh chums and comrades at Chipping Norton are in for a real shock come judgement day.

Donald Leach

Holywell Green