Nothing arranged for bike week yet again!

The week of June 18-26 is/was Bike Week 2011. I am disappointed but not too surprised that again nothing appears to have been arranged in our area.

The idea is that cycling clubs and local authorities arrange events to attract people to have a go at cycling. In many areas cycling clubs and local authorities will be arranging suitably short and easy cycle rides aimed at encouraging people to take up the pastime.

In the past some clubs have arranged Treasure Hunts or Pace Judging tests, Cycle Control competitions and Doctor Bike points where people can bring their bikes for a free check.

At one time the local authority arranged with the assistance of the Cyclists Touring Club a competition for youngsters to compete for the title of Young Cyclist of the Year. It was well supported by local schools and the finals were held at Wellesley Park. Many parents brought their children to the event and this gave club members the opportunity to chat to family groups about leisure riding. This usually led to the club recruiting new members.

Bike Week is a valuable opportunity to make contact with non organised riders and is a first rate method of recruiting them to the wonderful pastime of leisure riding.

I feel that there exists a lack of enthusiasm to really get down to encouraging people to dig out that bike in the back of the shed. It isn’t enough to just rely on people making the first approach.

Ron Bunce

Albert View