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Split : Why Labour had to make the move
Split : Why Labour had to make the move
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Whether in business, government or local council, every organisation needs a shared vision.

Only when all members sign up to that organisation’s goals and push for them can success be achieved. You only have to look at the Coalition Government to see how division breeds confusion and mismanagement. For the past three years the Labour group has shared with the local Liberal Democrats a vision of how Calderdale Council should be run in the face of Government cuts. Together we have fought against the worst effects of the Government’s programme when it has targeted the sick, the vulnerable and local services we hold dear. No Libraries or Sure Start centres have closed in Calderdale, frontline services have been protected and there has been an increased focus on getting the local economy moving. It is a record to be rightly proud of and Labour Councillors will continue to put the needs of the people of Calderdale first in the face of the failed Tory austerity plan. Sadly, it has become clear that a poison has taken root in the Lib Dems locally. There was a time when they stood up to the Con/Dem Government when they were wrong but now they sycophantically cheer on their masters down in London. This was clear in Council last week where in the face of people who had come to protest about how their families’ lives were being devastated by Government cuts they jeered. One Councillor even denounced people who had come out on a cold evening to make their voices heard as a ‘rent-a-mob’. Over 1200 Calderdale families are now paying the bedroom tax: We should listen and show them respect! Growth is down, Unemployment is up. Even the IMF says that George Osborne is wrong! There are some good Liberals but their cheerleading of policies that are devastating the North of England shows that they no longer share the vision that has got us through this last three years. This Council needs strong and decisive leadership, that is why Labour must now go it alone in the best interests of the people of Calderdale.

Coun Dan Sutherland

(Lab Illingworth & Mixenden)