Optimistic for future of Elland

THE recent decision to close the Elland swimming baths has unfortunately been surrounded with incorrect statements.

It is often forgotten that in 2004 £192,000 was made available so that the pool would remain open for up to five years. It is now up to the current leadership of the council to decide on the future of the Elland pool.

As many people object to the building of a new library at the Piece Hall, costing £6 million, some of that money could be used toward Elland pool, which is what everyone locally wants.

The way Elland has been treated more recently from Section “106” Agreement (which is where planning is approved subject to the developer allocating an agreed amount to the council for improvements in the community) does not seem to be in the best interest of the Elland area.

Although some “106” monies have been used for parks and the new skateboarding facility at Hullen Edge, other monies have gone away from our area.

An example is the £50,000 from the Silk Mill development allocated to the “empty shops programme” and a similar figure for a feasibility study of the Borough Market in Halifax. This does not benefit anyone in Elland.

I also question money used for cycle facility for the new Morrisons development as I doubt many people go shopping on a bicycle.

It is surely time that Elland receive, not just a fair share, but extra investment. There are other developments pending and it is vital that all “106” agreements ensure the money is for Elland as a whole.

I am optimistic for the future of Elland and the Morrison Supermarket development is hopefully the good sign of that improvement.

Coun John Ford

Scholes Lane