Parking fine should be repaid

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Moorside Gardens



PARKING - What a rip-off

Poor Mr Kenneth McDonald! Obviously a decent person with regards to him inquiring to an on-duty traffic warden if all was in order where he was parked with his Blue Badge displayed and left him feeling safe.

All well and good, but parking in the same place later some other parking vulture slaps an order on this poor man’s car! The fines office should return Mr McDonald’s fine payment with an apology. Failing to do this only will prove the cheating arrogance of this sneaky council!

Can we have some comment from the person responsible to turn this over and show a little feeling. How many others have been tricked in a similar move.

How long are we going to have to put up with this treachery by the people voted in with trust by the people of our town Halifax?

Mick McBride