Parking problems start with design of hospital

The main problem with the the parking in and around the Calderdale Royal Hospital is the councillors, they chose the stupid design and layout of this structure and surrounding area with the full intentions of getting people out of their vehicles onto public transport.

The design of the hospital itself is bad enough they should have called it the maze, it’s not really built to function effectively and you feel sorry for the many people who use this facility who try to find their way about, time and time again I personnally have had to help people to find their way around.

With regards to the Hospital grounds typical of Calderdale Council the lay out is atrocious, they always go for something which looks pretty rather than something which works, like many other area which are well used by the public and for safety reasons the car parking area and access to the hospital facilities should be more straight forward and simple.

Even the access road to the main entrance is so badly designed with inadequate road space for vehicle manoeuvrabilty and with the lack of dropping off facilities it’s quite often blocked by vehicles parked all over the place quite often illegally creating a major health/road safety risk.

It would appear that once again the Councillors would like to hit the motorist with parking charges for blunders they’ve made, it’s bad enough for people having to work at or visit this place without adding extra stress and costs onto their problems.

The question which should be asked is why after the hospital has been opened so many years now and they’ve known about the problems haven’t they taken appropriate action to rectify it, it’s not just the parking of vehicles it’s also the poor traffic flow around the hospital area which quite often creates grid locks on the roads which are very well used by emergency vehicles and needs resolving.

The best thing the council/councillors could do is to remove all the unnecessary trees and verges etc from within the grounds, then realign the roads and parking facilities around the hospital building to improve and increase the parking areas and whilst not building a multi storey car park which would be intusive to the adjacent houses just add one more level to the car park area in Godfrey Road.

This would get more cars off the road and improve traffic flows and safety in all the surrounding areas.

With regards to the 20mph speed limits these do not work, I’ve mentioned this before in the courier if you lower the speed limit too much the driver spends more time looking at their speedo rather than the road which makes driving more dangerous and puts the public/pedestrians at more risk. And a little hint for the Councillors if your employing Consultants to advise you on these or any other issues use people who know what they are dealing with and talking about in future.

And one must also compliment the Council/Councillors for the way they have dealt with the damaged wall and roadway in Dudwell Lane for the lenght of time it’s taking to rectify this, have they informed the Guiness Book of records, this must be one of the slowest repairs ever and it’s not even finished yet.

Surely any work adjacent to an Hospital facility affecting peoples health should have been carried out without delay.

Dave Regan

Siddal Lane, Halifax