Parking rules are damaging our town

Some people don’t understand words, so let’s paint them a picture! It’s disgusting and getting worse, no exception to any rule with this lot, unless you understand the law and fight back.

I’ve had five PCNs, fought and won all five, finding genuine loopholes attached to Council rules put together by them in order to trap the people.

Wrongfully printed blue badges, loading areas only that are no longer in use, entrapment, covers on filthy signs covering the notice and warnings and the vultures who are damaging Halifax.

I wrote to our MP, ignored; Mrs Battye, ignored; Mr Swift, ignored; Mulcture House, ignored. Mr Brian Smith, Councillor for Ovenden is the only person who showed interest and came to see me personally; this is the kind of leader we need.

Why don’t they do something instead of just running for office, a place to put their feet up, do little with high wages. Promises, smiles and kissing babies is ‘old hat’.

Action for the people. They get what they want then give nothing back.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens