Playing safe - but let’s ensure it stays that way

I thought I’d send these photos I took on Saturday of the kids of Rastrick having fun in the snow and more importantly getting good excercise.

It’s something that kids have done for generations in this field. It’s near to home, it’s a safe environment and it’s fun. Do we, the sensible, caring, forward thinking older generation have the right to deprive future generations of children of this activity.
That’s what the “suits” of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service want to do. We already have double the proposed capacity at Elland and Brighouse. Wouldn’t it make more sense to rebuild Elland then close Brighouse? 
Elland station is on a more direct route to the motorway than the Clough Lane site plus there is the empty bus lane up the Ainleys.In my opinion to build a fire station at the Clough Lane location would contravene Section 7 of the Calderdale RUDP (Protected Open Spaces) which concerns official and unofficial play and recreational areas.

Michael Dews

Clough Lane