Police cuts show disregard for people

The scale of government cuts to public services is starting to be revealed and it makes no sense to me.

Today the news was that the Police are to cut jobs by over 14%.

Police numbers fell by more than 4,000 in the past year alone! Incredibly there will be 34,000 fewer police jobs in England and Wales in March 2015 than in March 2010, research by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary suggests.

This cut of 14% will include losing 16,200 frontline officers and 16,100 civilian staff. The HMIC has said there is “relatively strong evidence” falling staff numbers will lead to a rise in some offences.

No genius brought to bear in that research. Less Police will mean more crime and less people caught committing crimes.

We have public services and public servants for a reason. We need them.

We need an effective police service, a fire service. We need teachers, doctors and nurses too.

As the cuts bite the quality of these services goes down and those who need them will start to notice.

If only there was a policy for jobs and growth then we wouldn’t need such swinging cuts and we could start to grow our way out of trouble. Instead things are stuttering along and the government does nothing to support jobs.

They showed they don’t care from day one when they pulled the plug on Sheffield forgemasters and they showed it last week when the Bombardier train maker in Derby lost out in a contract for £1.4 billion of government money to make trains. 1,400 people lost their jobs in Derby.

The contract and jobs went to the German company Siemens who are well supported by their own government. I fear this government is showing a total disregard for the futures of ordinary people in Calderdale whether it is jobs or security in their homes.

Anthony Rutherford

Hove Edge