Police right to come to Mayor’s aid

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Lucy O’Hara and Jane Bryenton are entitled to their bizarre opinion (Yoursay, May 21) that Nat West Bank officials were entitled, because the bank’s self-appointed rules say so, to refuse to return on request the legitimate property - namely his First Direct Bank Card - to the Mayor of Calderdale.

Clearly the police, who advised the bank employees concerned, that such officiousness is unjustified, acted correctly and hopefully future Nat West customers will be spared the confiscation of their property as a result of the Mayor’s action. Incidentally it will be remembered that misappropriation of customer assets by British bankers such as the disgraced Fred Goodwin of the Royal Bank of Scotland, recently brought the country to the brink of financial disaster at the expense of taxpayers. Clearly more junior bank officials continue to share Fred’s delusions regarding their authority over customers’ resources.

Bob Heys

Bar Lane, Ripponden