Police station is a security blanket for people of town

I am strongly opposed to the potential shutting down of Elland police station. There is already a lack of patrols and an active/influencial presence in Elland. It is bad enough that is isn’t manned, but it still acts as a deterrent in the town, particularly in the area it is positioned as not far away there are always problems with youths, drug dealers and anti social behaviour. The local residents (I also live in the immediate area) are uncomfortable going out after dark and feel it acts as an impassive security blanket and deterrent and we would be very worried if it was to close. It would likely be sold off and made into low cost flats; with respect this would only increase the anxiety as to the type of tenants it would attract. Plus there are protected bats living there. No - WY Police needs to save costs elsewhere, Elland is a large town which unfortunately has seen an increase in anti social behaviour and to think the last possible facade of a police deterrent may be gone is absurd. Residents of Elland already feel let down and this is the last straw! We are a dying town losing its sense of community - we need regeneration not further displacing of services and a feeling of being abandoned by the council and now the police!

A very concerned
 local resident