Pub closures are bad news for our health

There have been some major indicators that our health could be on a downward slide and I hope the NHS and the council are prepared for it.

I’m sure we have all noticed by now the amount of pubs closing. Some will have even thought that this was a good thing and who am I to disagree?

However, it is becoming clear that the pubs in a larger way than expected actually regulated the amount of alcohol we consumed, that is those of us who at least try to drink moderately. We would go to a pub to socialise, have a few drinks then go home and fall asleep on the couch.

Now the pubs are shutting this has changed considerably. Another indication that our drinking habits have changed is the amount of cans being sold must have trebled in the past 10 years. Everywhere you go there is cheap alcohol on sale.

The proof we have started to drink more can been seen on every street with the introduction of the recycling the bins. They are all full of beer cans, vodka bottles and cider tins. Where the pubs would regulate the amounts of alcohol we would consume, drinking at home does not have that discipline.

Nobody can see what you drink or tell you when you’ve had enough and people are drinking until they can’t drink anymore. On every street usually where an off-licence is situated, gangs of youths can be seen holding tins or bottles of cider.

Maybe the pubs closing might not be a good thing – after all, they have been with us a long time.

Working in the health industries as we do at the Halifax police boxing club and teaching children in all areas we can see how their health is affected by smoking and drinking.

So I hope the NHS and the council are prepared for what could be major health problems in the near future

Mick Rowe

Halifax Police Boxing Club