Ratepayers have been duped!

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I am flabbergasted by the inept way that we the rate payers are being duped by miss-information by the Lab/Lib Consortium who have said that we would have a fair vote with regards to the new library and all ratepayers’ views will be taken into consideration.

What a joke, there have been three meetings in the Town Hall where at the end the vote was to stay with the old library. There have been three petitions taken by ratepayers with about 20,000 who wanted to keep the library where it is now. The Lab/Lib Consortium then said they would get Ipsos Mori to take a poll of who wanted the library moved. This cost us £57,000, and the result was an abysmal failure. Out of 5,000 forms sent to a cross section of ratepayers they had nearly 1,500 returned. We now come to the cost of moving the Library. The council are on a save money by closing buildings clubs that have been running for the old, disabled and young. The Lab/Lib Consortium are going to borrow £17.5m and the repayments are £700,000 per year for 25 years. I say instead of building a new library let us refurbish the Old Library which is more cost effective than what they would be borrowing and we would not have a millstone of debt for 25 years.

Stan Shaw

Friendly Avenue