Red Ed is a puppet of the union

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So now we all know what many of us thought years ago, that Red Ed Milliband and his front bench cronies are nothing more than glove puppets of Unite led their communist leader Len McClusky.

Anyone who follows letters in the Courier from years back will know that in 2010 I forecast that Ed Milliband was, as my headline stated, ‘the face of the Union’. We now learn that Unite is dictating who should and who should not be candidates in forthcoming elections. The forthcoming election in Falkirk is the most recent one to be publicised where the incoming candidate Karie Murphy was a radical trade unionist who called Lady Thatcher a bitch and vowed to celebrate her death by holding a party after she died. This red haired firebrand is the office manager of Tom Watson the so called campaign supremo who resigned from the Labour front bench this week. She was also endorsed by McClusky, a former flatmate of our crusading Tom Watson. The biggest question is who really controls Labour and what would happen if Unite stopped funding them? This union has given Labour over £8mils since Red Milliband became their puppet leader thanks mainly to his block vote in the 2010 election. The other questions is how the union’s corrosive influence is spreading over the Labour party machine. A number of senior labour MPs have issued commons passes to unite officials which incidentally gives them free access to all areas of Westminster. These include John Cruddas who heads Labour’s policy review and also employs Nick Parrot, a unite political officer, Rachel Reeves the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Jack Dromey a Shadow Minister and husband of Harriet Harman. Unite is a union that represents most of the staff who work in Westminster.
I look forward to our Red Eds One Nation One Nation, he is sure as hell beats call me Dave’s ‘we are all in this together’.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street