Retail should be contained within Halifax’s inner ring road

When Bob Mantle, writing in Your Say, says “the Broad Street Plaza centre could have contained an out and out fully fledged major shopping centre with many major stores”, he doesn’t understand retail which is all about location, location, location.

Broad Street forms part of an inner ring road, so retail should be contained within the ring road so that shoppers don’t have to cross a busy ring road which they would be reluctant to do.
 The council made the mistake of building the Library and Northgate House on the present site when they should have built them on the then council-owned Plaza site, thereby allowing retail development on the Northgate site and within the inner ring road. But we are where we are, so leisure is now the best option for the Plaza.
But why another gym? There are gyms in Akroyd Place, Dean Clough, North Bridge Leisure Centre and Winding Road, all within yards of the Plaza. The Plaza Gym is 26,000 sq ft. To put that into perspective, a tennis court is 2,808 sq ft. That means you could fit nine tennis courts into the gym, or what there should be, an ice rink complete with spectator seating.

Barbara Sutcliffe

Moor End Road