Ridiculous to label people in this way

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What Rose White is saying is totally ridiculous. Not all drag queens or kings are gay and what would it matter if they were?

Are you going to wear a label to let everybody know your gender (somehow I don’t think you would) and are straight folk who go to the pride event going to wear a badge saying look I’m straight? Pride is a celebration of life, love and dignity and the diverse culture we live in, so why do we need to wear labels? It’s a bit of fun, a chance to let your hair down.

Surely you should understand that. In the theatre it has always been common practice for the guys to dress as dames and the girls to dress as guys, so it’s only the same as a drag queen or king. And I think a lot of actors out there would not like you to presume that they are gay just because they are in drag. So I do not agree that you should ban or label people in this way.

We all have the right to live our lives and be who we want to be - the right to be human in such a diverse culture we live in. If a person is transexual and wishes to dress like a guy or girl they are not going to look like a drag queen or king but would try to fit in as our diverse society would expect.

Damian Tiffany