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Prospect Avenue

Pye Nest


June Paxton-White wrote a good letter.(“Let’s be realistic on Copley Valley”, Your say, March 11) but one in which, like the few others who have expressed approval for this scheme, she also confuses two distinct issues, whilst missing two others entirely.

Most people would agree the area could do with some improving. But the issue isn’t whether or not it might be improved, but how. Objectors don’t say it should not be improved; they object to it being ‘improved’ by the plans as set out – plans that have never been subject to consultation.

A second point is even more important. The objectors have looked not just at the plans alone, but at their impact over a wider area. When one looks at the impact of traffic in Sowerby Bridge, at air quality at Salterhebble, or the impact on local schools etc, the wider and very unwelcome costs of the scheme become apparent.

It is also worth pointing out that the primary purpose of this scheme was to facilitate improvements to the Holmes Road area of Sowerby Bridge. As set out however these plans can only achieve the opposite, since they remove any incentive for existing businesses to move (by providing improved access), whilst now making it impossible for them to move anyway by building houses on the very site which was to be made available to them.

Stephen Ainsworth