School is being out performed

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With reference to your article Thursday 24 May 2012,. After 13 years of failed education policy you would think the newly elected Labour Councillor for Park ward Cllr J. Lynn would eat humble pie and accept the findings of Ofsted, with regards to the recent inspection of Mount Pellon Primary school.

No that would mean putting the children and parents first. Instead she attacked the new Ofsted frame work stating it was just a means for the government to drive more schools to become Academies. 
Can I remind her that Parkinson Lane Primary School which is in the same vicinity, and has a very similar student intake, was recently inspected under the same Ofsted framework and again classed as outstanding. Can she explain why this school has consistently outperformed Mount Pellon? Might it be it has an excellent leader who has built a very dynamic team with a 98per cent attendance rcord, that puts students at the core of everything they do? 
 Can I remind her, it’s poor teaching that damages the life chances of children and traps them in poverty. 
This socialist loony left dogma which over the last 40 years has become embedded in our education system, dumbing down standards, and promoting unaccountable, anti-elitists, anti-competitiveness culture has culminated in Britain having the lowest social mobility it the western world. I’m sorry Cllr Lynn but the new Ofsted framework is just exposing what most of know, that our education system is failing a considerable number of children, especially from ethnic minorities, and poorer backgrounds. She should stop defending inadequacy and support the findings, as it is only when we lift our heads out of the sand and accept our failings can we move forward and make the changes needed to give all our children the education they deserve.

Andrew Tagg

Beechwood Avenue,

Holmfield, Halifax