Service gave me back my self respect after car crash

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I am writing in support of Calderdale DART. I saw the letter in Yoursay on January 13, and would like to add my view.

I was involved in a road traffic accident in 2008. Although I recovered physically well from the injuries I suffered a huge stroke whilst in hospital which caused me to lose all of my independence.

I had worked full time, we had three small children and I had a mortgage, financial commitments, etc. Can you imagine how worried I was?

The hospital social worker asked someone from DART to come and see me. I can tell you now, that my recovery and ability to gain my independence and self-respect began that day.

Their service is vital. They don’t just help fill forms in, they go the extra mile to help their clients.

If our council has decided that the needs of disabled people can be met through providing a generalised advice service then they are sadly lacking awareness of the needs of disabled people.

We can’t all go and sit in the CAB office waiting for someone to five us a self-help guide to what to claim. We need that extra help. I couldn’t even write my own name!

Because our council have decided that we aren’t ‘special’ enough, thousands and thousands of people will be left without a service to help make sure we get the help we need.

This cut in advice has been rushed through without any real assessment of how it will affect us and those who care for us. By the sounds of it the council orchestrated it so that only one advice service could make an application to provide advice for all of Calderdale, and that was the CAB.

The problem is that not only can the CAT not provide a specialist service but the money they get is going to be cut too, so they are expected to provide a one-stop service for all of Calderdale. What tosh!

I am back at work now, only part time but DART has been there every step of the way for me and I thought they always would be.

It’s not too late to make our council re-think this decision. It’s hardly democratic that only one application to tender for the advice was received is it?

It’s even less democratic when you see why only one application could be made!

Mr Robinson