Shelved! My days in the Dales are over

When I left Halifax on 8th December 2008 my car insurance from Swinton Insurance of Huddersfield was approximately £70. After two years and seven months at the Royal Hospital Chelsea as a Chelsea Pensioner I have returned to receive a quotation from the same company of approximately £1,900. I had six years no claims bonus and have driven thousands of miles for the British Army. Now at 83 years of age I am virtually confined to barracks for the rest of my days.

I could foresee this coming three years ago, that the roads are for them that have it. The working man is obsolete and ripe to be exploited by these fat cat insurance companies. I have never had an accident in all my years of driving from 16th January 1946. The Government has shelved me so my days running up the dales are over. (That is, unless some kind person needs company in their car and I’ll share the cost of petrol, or buy the meals.)

M Waters

Wadsworth Street