Showcase idea is brilliant!

Jubilee Road


“What a brilliant idea” I thought on reading the letter “Turn Piece Hall into students’ showcase” from Paul Farrar (Your say, 27 January).

All the activities mentioned are all skills that will be desperately needed in the future if meaningful careers are to be created for people.

The history of this architectural masterpiece that is the Piece Hall is well known from its re-opening in the early 1970s, the now defunct, once successful markets, the shops and café that comprise the building now. Its decline started when the shop rents were increased by a stupid Government and it was no fault of Calderdale Council.

The brilliant idea I cite could, indeed, put Halifax on the education map and also help in general renewal here.

One big improvement would be to open a way through to the Square Chapel area because the dead area at the bottom of the Piece Hall needs some sort of flow-through at that lower ground floor level.

The larger scheme encouraged by the Council could include the main idea of a student showcase.

Some time ago I was walking around the Piece Hall with eldest son and daughter-in-law, “If only this was in Nottingham,” they said in unison. “You can’t have it, it’s ours!” I replied.

I do hope that the people with the power locally will seriously consider the idea of a student showcase and not dismiss it because it’s come from one of our local people.

Democracy, we are told, is “government of the people, by the people, for the people!

Graham Rigby