Sleepwaking to destruction of the NHS

Whitwell Drive


Again we hear a familiar plea. Mr Cameron loves the Health Service. Am I the only one that hears a hollow ring?

I recently had major health care from the Calderdale/Kirklees Health Authority. In three weeks, years of pain have been sorted; by a first class team of cleaners, catering assistant, nurses, physios and a top surgeon.

Will we get these high standards when the main consideration of right-wing Tories and flaky Liberals is to balance the books or even make a profit? These people only understand balances and dividends.

In conception the Health Service was never meant to be cost-effective or like the American model. I believe we are sleepwalking into the destruction of the Health Service as I have known it for sixty-five years. This was confirmed today as I listened on the radio to a Tory cabinet member extolling his right-wing propaganda.

I hope the one-man-one-vote ballots at successive local and national elections kick this ideology into touch.

Steven Midgley