Slowing traffic is priority


I am writing to strongly object to the new parking regulations the council are proposing in Ripponden.

As a resident of the village I feel that these new restrictions will heavily impact on our local businesses and our way of life. Parking is already hard enough for us, both residentially for those that live on the road and for when we wish to use the beautiful village shops and bars that we are still lucky enough to have! Too many rural villages have suffered losses of local amenities in the last decade and here in Ripponden we are privileged to still have a thriving small community. 
If they arrogantly remove the ability to park and therefore use these local industries, they are starving our local community of its way of life and will be fully responsible for the decline of many local incomes and closures of small businesses.
By adding double yellow lines to Oldham Road they are also opening the thoroughfare to higher traffic speeds, even though many of us within the village have already complained to both yourselves and the local Police authorities of the ridiculous speeds in which the traffic already pass through our beautiful village. 
Yet another fatal accident occurred only one month ago due to the inability to organise any speed regulations whatsoever and I actually feel offended that in the absence of any traffic measures they are actually proposing regulations to allow the traffic to travel through the village at even greater speeds. If these regulations get passed, it won’t just be the M62 getting closed for fatal accidents and redirected through our village, they will no doubt cause an increase in local fatalities too.
They are clearly no way in touch with local residents and businesses needs and instead of proposing damaging local parking regulations, they should be investing time and efforts into slowing the traffic that already passes through the village instead.

Andrew Poole