So many benefit cuts, we’re becoming desensitised

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The Conservative led government is making so many cuts to welfare benefits that people are becoming hardened to the details.

A stream of cuts, combined with rhetoric about “so-called scroungers”, is perhaps designed to make us switch off and lose the real people on the receiving end.
This week I was reminded of just one of the benefit cuts that will hit our communities next April. 
More than 40,000 children of school age who are looking after a sick parent on their own are going to lose £58 a week severe disability premium.
That’s households that contain one adult who is disabled, who is looked after by a school age child - and the government is going to cut their benefits by more than £50 per week.
At last week’s full Council, the Conservative group walked out rather than discuss the threat of further benefit cuts. 
No wonder they were ashamed to defend what their government is doing!

Coun Megan Swift

Labour Councillor, 
Town Ward

Calderdale MBC