Some cycle lanes are used for parking

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In response to Councillor R. Taylors latest letter about silly road markings, mainly “over exaggerated cycle lanes” the latter I have yet to find in the area mentioned. I went to check, hence the delay.

The ones mentioned are of the correct size, like them or not. The cross hatchings are there for all road users to obey. If he has a beef with these then why not have a word with the relevant section within the council. His suggestions will only fall on deaf ears as did mine.

He might notice that some of the cycle lanes are being used as handy parking areas. Including some very lazy parking using the footpaths to get to cash machines or shop doorways.

He makes light of the fact that this Council will sink to “blackmail” if it means that they get what they want. I’d go further & say that this Council is willing to use “blackmail” in order to get what it wants. By this I mean that certain planning applications have special conditions attached in order that they may be approved. The Council failed to get the cycle lane built that is now part of the planning conditions imposed on a supermarket to provide.

Some of the diagonal markings he mentions, known as Ghost Islands, have the same anti-skid surface covering in place. He fails to mention that however, presumably because it’s not a cycle lane. Most of the anti-skid road surfaces tend to be at traffic lights. In areas known as advanced stop lines(ASL’s). All motorised traffic is supposed to stop at the first stop line & not enter the ASL. Some don’t even stop at the second stop line, so they may well have just carried on. Some do, which is Red Light Jumping(RLJ) but they don’t perceive it to be. They will quite happily blame cyclists but do the same themselves “knowing” that they have done nothing wrong.

I used to cycle upwards of a 1000 miles a month & would pass and be passed by all manner of lawbreakers behind the wheel. From mobile phone use through to a “massage of the lower body” being given to the male driver by the passenger, whilst the vehicle was moving.

In a four minute period Thursday morning, 9 vehicles entered an area they shouldn’t have been in. It is clearly signed as no motor vehicles. Three of these went through a light that was on Red, one did so against the flow of traffic before parking up. This was a company vehicle and this is not the first time this companies driver’s have done this. They do so on a daily basis.

I feel that he misunderstood the remark concerning the £20. Its not a levy/fee/tax payable by cyclists for the use of their vehicles. I was the offer of £20 to the first person to complete a VED application for a pedal cycle & have it accepted by the DVLA. Disc required for payment.

If on the other hand he wants me to pay £20 because I use a pedal cycle. I will if he will & his passengers will. He has to breathe at some time & since the cycle is not making any emmision in use it can only be the rider. Fairs fair on this part.

If he and others feel hard done by with the tax imposed on their choice of transport. Three choices.

Give it up.

Get the 25% not paying part of these taxes paying, or off the road. Those paying should then see a drop in the amount that they are paying. Fuel aside.

On yer bikeS.


Woodbrook Close, Mixenden