Stainland people watched their building deteriorate

Following the report on the successful application to turn Stainland Mechanics (right) into a private dwelling I actually laughed out loud at the remarks of Coun Sutherland, the chair of the committee.

How can he state ‘This is a fantastic building, a lovely building and what is going to happen to it if we don’t take care of it?’ Well Coun. Sutherland it has already happened to the building simply because you (the council) didn’t take care of it.

The people of Stainland have watched the deterioration of that building over the years simply because the council never spent even a basic amount of money on maintenance.

As for the car parking issues – well a community centre by its very name meant that it was the community who would use it and therefore would not need cars. So this concern was not a ‘red herring’ but a very real concern to the people who live in the area of the building.

The road at the side of the building is rather narrow and to have a extra vehicles parking on it or reversing out into it is of concern.

I was unable to attend the meeting due to another commitment that day but it’s perhaps just as well that I didn’t, as I don’t think I would have been able to contain myself listening to such drivel being spouted by our hypocritical elected representatives.

I do wonder if the people who sit on these committees ever visit the places they are pronouncing judgement on.

I may be just a tad too cynical about our council and it’s decisions but after seeing and hearing about the monstrosity that is currently being built in Halifax and the very definite plan to move the central library why would I believe anything that any councillor says?

Another building which is slowly falling down is Bankfield Museum – is this going to go the same way as Stainland Mechanics? Mrs Wendy Tooby

Holywell Green