Stripped Elland pool will never reopen

Closed: Elland Pool - not even chance to say goodbye
Closed: Elland Pool - not even chance to say goodbye

Mission accomplished - Gary Byrne and Calderdale MBC should be getting a great big bonus in their pay packets as they have finally managed to bring the curtain down on Elland Swimming Pool.

Their mission since the opening of the new pools in Sowerby Bridge and Brighouse 14 months ago.

I got the distinct impression on Friday morning that he was loving every moment of greeting customers to say it was closed and not structurally safe

and as for the quote

“The pool will remain closed until officials have carried out further assessments, although it is thought extremely unlikely it will reopen”.

They’ve made sure it will never re-open, the destruction and dismantling that I witnessed yesterday of the pool and vital pieces of operational equipment ensured it will never happen as it was being stripped of its dignity.

We opened our arms to the swimmers of Brighouse when their pool closed, which meant over crowding and far less public swimming time due to extra schools requiring water space - hence a loss in daily revenue but Brighouse were always promised a new pool and they eventually got it.

No such promise will be made to Elland.

Brighouse opened its new doors in Oct 2010 and then the planned execution of Elland was put into place.

Money put aside for the structural repairs somehow became lost - or certainly got diverted away from its intended purpose - the whole thing stinks.

Will the next victim be Halifax Pool with its flat leaking roof that’s come to the end of it’s life span.

The customers and staff at Elland were like friends and family and we never had chance to say farewell

Janice Saleem